Use and Misuse of Mobile Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Mobile phone radiation and health, Brain tumor Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: September 26, 2010
With The advent of new technology and loaded with benefit in cell phone, the mass use of cell increases rapidly.  The use of cell phones dramatically become a new age of convenience for billions of people around the world. The World, in particular, the developing countries like us, India, are benefiting from a wireless revolution that is connecting people in far-flung towns, suburbs, and villages — many are the first time user. With India adding more than six million cell phone subscribers a month, analysts expect that nearly half of India’s 1.1 billion people will be connected by cell phone by 2010. (Washington Post)  Back in 1980, the number of cell phones in the world was mere 11.2 million— or just two cell phones per 1,000 people. (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas) An extra ten mobile phones per 100 people in a typical developing country leads to an additional 0.44 percentage points of growth in GDP per person. (London Business School) A new market study from Portio Research predicts that 50% of the world’s population will be using a cell phone by the end of 2009, and Africa now boasts the fastest growth rate in the world, forecast to add 265 million new mobile subscribers over the next 6 years. Among the top 25 growth markets ranking list (2006-2011) there are a few surprises. India wins the top spot, just ahead of China, and almost equally in 3rd place is Brazil, Indonesia and Nigeria, but the real surprises start in 6th place with the U.S. mobile market tipped to grow by almost 66 million net additions from the start of 2006 to the end of 2011. This puts volume growth in the U.S. ahead of fast developing markets such as Pakistan, Mexico and the Ukraine. Russia is positioned lower than some may expect, in 11th place, below Iran and Bangladesh, while Japan appears in 18th place, with a predicted 14 million net subscriber additions by 2011, surprisingly placing above South Africa and Venezuela. (Courtesy  

Cell phones now become a necessity...
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