Us National Debt

Topics: United States public debt, Money, Government Accountability Office Pages: 4 (1398 words) Published: May 6, 2013
National debt ceiling 101: Is a crisis looming?
The Christian Science Monitor, Mark Trumbull, March 8, 2011,
In this article, Mark Trumbull, a staff writer for The Christian Science Monitor, points out several different areas that the USA‘s National Debt crisis effects. Trumbull asks nine different questions about the debt crisis and then answer’s them as best as possible. His effort is to bring the words of this huge political battle from a high scope to the reading level of the normal American. In an attempt to educate the normal everyday American about the debt crisis, Trumbull raises nine different questions: 1) What is the debt ceiling, and why does it exist? 2) Are we close to hitting the limit? 3) Will Congress raise the limit and what happens if they don’t? 4) Is the national debt’s growing size behind this “ceiling” controversy? 5) What would fiscal hawks like to achieve, in return for raising the ceiling? 6) Could the tea party spirit spark an outright refusal to raise the debt limit? 7) If this bogs down in a game of political chicken, how can the nation keep paying its bills? 8) What’s the public’s view on the national debt and raising the ceiling? 9) What’s the solution to the problem of rising national debt?

“The government currently spends more money than it brings in through revenue, which is why the government has a deficit and a growing debt” (Paletta, 2012). This general statement from Damian Paletta is what I believe should be the main focus on the debt crisis. It’s a simple formula, revenues have to be higher than expenses every year, but for some reason, it seems impossible to follow. What really gets me angered is how this debt crisis is portrayed in the article. It almost seems like the battle between Republican’s and Democrat’s blaming each other is the focus of the article and the debt crisis is just an example of their battle. “In a year of high drama over federal budgets, the nation’s...
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