Unrealistic Love in Twelfth Night

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Justin Sundstrom
2nd period

Twelfth Night

In Twelfth Night a theme of unrealistic love is established, with all the different characters. Duke Orsino loves Olivia who loves Viola who really is the main character Viola, who has a thing for the Duke. This conflict of lovers is unrealistic, and makes for an exciting conflict. This unrealistic chain of events is related to the realistic ideas of people falling in love with a persons personality, and also relates that people are more comfortable talking with the same gender as Viola spends time as a guy with Duke. Love is an interesting concept and with certain variables like comfort and common interest one can fall in love with ease.

In the literary work Twelfth Night the character that emphasizes the main character is Olivia. They have similar characteristics in the story as Olivia’s brother dies, Viola is worried her brother may have drowned. After Olivia’s lost she decides to swear off men for seven years, but Viola deals with her problems differently and decides to get a job a Dukes courthouse. Olivia’s place as the foil in the story is ruined after she falls in love with Cesario. The major theme of the story is that love can cause pain, and this foil works to connect with the overall theme because Olivia makes for suffering in the drama.

The play Twelfth Night is a perfect example of literature that requires keeping a secret to fully develop the story. Secrecy is a need in the drama Twelfth Night because without this secret Viola could not have worked for the Duke, which would have Without this secret the story wouldn’t have develop so many conflicts between different lovers. The secret being kept a secret was the basis for the whole story without this the plot wouldn’t have worked and there wouldn’t be the twisted love triangles. This contributes to the meaning because without secrecy in this drama there wouldn’t be any pain caused by love.
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