Universal Truths

Topics: Eudora Welty, A Worn Path, Genre Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: October 20, 2013
 Mandy Huang 5/21/13

Universal Truths

Universal truths can decipher lessons about life which can be found in different genres of text. The three texts, “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, and “The Journey” by Mary Oliver share a similar universal truth and themes.

The universal truth found in the three texts presents struggle and determination. Each author presents the universal truths in a resembling and diverse way. In the story, “A Worn Path”, struggle is shown as the scars of slavery hidden in the character of the story, Phoenix Jackson. The racism and poverty makes her remember the past that she will always carry in her life. However, she shows her brave and strong side and will do anything to get medication for her sick grandson. Conversely, in the poem, “The Road Not Taken”, presents struggle in a different way. The narrator in the poem had to struggle to make a difficult decision that can affect his life deeply. Choosing between the paths can lead to unavoidable regret. This is also similarly presented in the poem, “The Journey.” The universal truth that the author shows in the text is struggle or strength of the human spirit. The narrator in the poem takes in the negative influence from his/her friends. But to find determination the narrator realizes what is right and follows his own voice.

The theme in the texts relates to the universal truths. The theme in “A Worn Path” is racism. For example in the text, “… he laughed and lifted his gun and pointed at Phoenix. She stood straight and faced him.” The author symbolizes the theme in “The Road Not Taken” by writing a repetitive metaphor which is “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.” In other words, the theme is choices because he has to choose between two roads. Something is affecting his life forcing him to make the choice. His decision will change his whole life. At first he thinks the first road is better than the second road but he...
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