Universal Brotherhood Is Better Than Patriotism-a Debate

Topics: Nationalism, Nation, Religion Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: September 17, 2011
Universal Brotherhood Is Better Than Patriotism
Universal brother hood is the final stage of individual connectivity and oneness. It starts from unity and togetherness. Patriotism is one of the mile stone of universal brotherhood.As per the topic Universal brotherhood is better than patriotism because patriotism is an aggravated form of selfishness.

Full development of the individual requires various social structures. Patriotism can help advance those social structures only to a certain point, after which it becomes inhibitory. A non-universal brotherhood is quite distinct from patriotism, and in general a brotherhood is more personal and individual oriented. Brotherhood on a large scale can advance social structures pass what patriotism can, and thus lead to a more fulfilled and developed individual. Patriotism is more for the benefit of a limited group as a whole, whereby a brotherhood is more for the good of each individual. There comes a point where the group benefits do not coincide with the individual benefits so then patriotism acts to crush the individual to protect the group identity. A brotherhood will hibernate till its members interests coincide

Its widely accepted that the love of humanity is above all religions. May it be Christianity, Islam, Budhism, Hinduism or any religion across the world, each of them has the spirit, sons of the same father, then why are we fighting to divide ourselves in the false pretension of patriotism, nationalism or many more.

My worthy opponent may boast to say that universal brotherhood is the mirage because every nation must put hand forward for this task, only this can be a reality. But I am sorry to remind my worthy opponent , can he tell me the name of any country where the great souls did not universalize the oneness factor, to love the humanity and respect every individual. The great souls like Lord Christ, lord budha, confusius, jarthustra lighted the lamp of humanity through ages. There had been the...
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