Unitarianism Universalism

Topics: Unitarian Universalism, Unitarianism, Religious pluralism Pages: 4 (1263 words) Published: September 16, 2008
Unitarianism is a new religion with a very clear message, faith through whatever medium still reaches the source. One person who worships may use old rituals to worship, while another takes a very liberal from of worship, the belief is that your faith is what matters, not by what name you call God. It is the epitome of religious pluralism. Conversations with a local minister of the People's Unitarian Universalis Rev. Marlene Walker. She has been the pastor of the Cedar Rapids church since 2003. In a conversation many questions were asked about this unique and diverse religion that empowers it's congregations to teach and grow how they see fit.

“By making friends of my Enemies, I destroy them.” Abraham Lincoln. These words hodl very true to the Unitarian view, without denomination or dogmatic practices that divide people one can worship freely. “We want people to learn in a way that is positive and educational, yet maintain an open viewpoint so they can better understand the way other cultures worship.” (Rev. M. Walker, personal conversation)

The beginning of the Unitarian Movement draws back to the year 1793 with the formation of the Universal Church of America, they held the belief that God does not damn any person forever and eventually they reconcile with the creator in time. The Universal Church was very foreword in their approach to being anti slavery long before it was a popular movement, however this would nearly be it's downfall, as many ministers served as Chaplains in the Army during the Civil War. However, through fire and flames, the movement endured and began to prosper as their views became more popular after the Civil War.

While Universalism at this point was a completely different “religion” than Unitarianism, which held the belief that God was not a Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), yet all were the same aspect. While nowhere as organized as the Universilist movement, they still had man popular supporters, and became more...

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