Unit Ld 206 - Principles of Supporting an Individual.

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Unit LD 206 Principles of supporting an individual to
maintain personal hygiene

Assessment Criteria

Outcome 1 Understand the importance of good personal hygiene The learner can:

explain why personal hygiene is important

Personal hygiene is essential for good health and well being, having a clean and respectable appearance and pleasant environment is key to maintaining the self-esteem of the people you care for. The better they feel, the more they can enjoy life, making life more pleasurable for both them and for the staff. For most adults, hygiene is a personal and private concern. When you are helping someone with personal hygiene it's important to be sensitive and tactful, and to respect their dignity. describe the effects of poor personal hygiene on health and well-being.

Poor hygiene can cause skin complaints, unpleasant smells and infections. This can lead to long term health problems. The working environment can also deteriorate when hygiene standards are low.Poor personal hygiene can also lead to low self esteem, low confidence and leave people feeling isolated and depressed.

Outcome 2 Know how to encourage an individual to maintain personal hygiene

The learner can:

1. explain how to address personal hygiene issues with an individual in a sensitive manner without imposing own values

It is important to be sensitive and not impose your own values on the individual, there may be cultural issues or issues around privacy that have to be considered. You need to explain to the individual that you will always respect their right to privacy and that you are there to help them. describe how to make an individual aware of the effects of poor hygiene on others. There are times when adults with learning disabilities need to be reminded about personal care. When subtle hints about showering or using deodorant have no effect, a conversation is the next step. This conversation can be uncomfortable for both parties involved but it doesn't need to be. With some preparation and a few helpful props, you can talk to someone about personal hygiene and help them improve. Begin the conversation with a compliment, such as making note that the individual's hair looked very clean the previous day. Continue the conversation by stating the poor hygiene that you have noticed. Use words like, "I have noticed" instead of "You don't." Simply identify the problem area for the individual, whether that be showering, oral hygiene or something else. Continue the conversation by discussing the personal care steps the individual seems to be skipping or needs assisting with. If this appears to be a shower, ask the individual when they shower, encourage regularity (or to care plan, if refusing) or if she had time to shower that day. Evaluate the individual's response as to why the hygiene step has been skipped. If it wasn't skipped, then the next step would be to discuss how to do it correctly. Provide a demonstration if possible or offer the correct hygiene products if you think that may be the issue. State your concern over the individual's hygiene, if your in a position to do so. Phrase the concern carefully and use caring words. Offer the individual the personal care item she may be lacking, such as deodorant or mouth wash. End the conversation by affirming the person. This can be done by stating that all staff members care for them, assuring that this hygiene issue doesn't change your relationship or helping them devise a personal care plan. Ask if the individual has any questions.

3. Describe how to support an individual to develop and improve personal hygiene routines. Encourage them to always wash hands after using toilet and to keep their surroundings clean, sensitively approach personal hygiene routines and again encouragement is key. Remind them of the care plan which they helped to devise. Outcome 3 Know how to support an individual to maintain personal hygiene

The learner can:

1) identify...
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