Unit 17 p2

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Customer service Pages: 2 (865 words) Published: November 5, 2014

For this assignment, I will be evaluating how e-business has helped Tesco and Samsung compete effectively. Marketing
As every business, Tesco has their competitions which are Sainsbury’s, Asda and Iceland. Sainsbury’s has a strategy of selling online which can be a threat to Tesco as they offer the same services with similar products. In order to maintain In addition Tesco is the biggest company so they must plan ahead to achieve the following: Tesco offers a wide range of products which attract customers of different interests. By doing so this will then encourage customers to return to the business and repurchase the same products. Tesco expresses these values through: understanding customers; prioritise the consumers’ needs; acting within communities responsibly; treating customers, as well as Tesco’s team with respect; building common respect and trust; sharing experiences and knowledge. Tesco now provide services online. By selling online, the business can reach more customers and it is an easier way to sell their products, as some people may not be able to go into the store and some people might not have time to do their shopping. Tesco has always been at the forefront of the market, as well as keeping its customers happy. Tesco did everything to retain loyal customers, for example they keep opening new stores, which are also beneficial to customers. In addition they have many great ways to keep their profits raising, for example they do loyalty cards (Club cards) to encourage the customers to come back to the store. Also more profit always means more growth and therefore a more successful company. However by doing all these, they expanded their business as they have more customers now. Also Sainsbury’s has done a card which gives discount and offers to their customers. However, there is Samsung that sell all the technology items which is...
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