Understanding Technology Learners

Topics: World Wide Web, Technology, Jean Piaget, Sociology / Pages: 2 (287 words) / Published: Dec 12th, 2014
Today’s learners appear smarter, yet they can’t read as their parents do and they are addicted to the Internet. Even in classes, their concentration is questionable as they are uneasy to simply sit and listen. They become alive again through video presentations, group activities and computer classes.

Teachers/Educators generally use the traditional education program which is applicable to the learners in the past. They fail to realize that the new learners are information technology or digital learners.

New Learners Spend more time talking to friends over the phone, sending text messages, interacting through the social Internet media. e.g. Facebook, playing video games and surfing the World Wide Web.

Feared that the new learners concerns are not well understood, it serves to know that scientists say, as follows:

There are positive benefits derived from the use of information technology or digital resources.

Hence, counterbalance possible negative effects on children.

Daily exposure to information technology strengthens the brain.

Current technological revolution is creating an intellectual revolution, faster and better than ever before.

19th century psychologist Jean Piaget presented a chart from childhood to adulthood inclusive of the skills/learning pattern. Given the digital age, the chart needs to be modified. Early stage includes computer-aided programs nowadays. With the use of modern information technology, multitasking can be developed by the learners. However, multitasking is needed in the Professional field, dominated by the use of information technology.

Ideas on balancing Multitasking skills with Single-task skills in accomplishing specific tasks:

Checking of papers and recording of grades
Recording and computing of grades

Media/technologies available
New technologies
Social Relationships
New social relationships
Beliefs or values
New beliefs or values

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