Understanding Provisions of Consumer Protection in Nepal

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Understanding Provisions
of Consumer Protection
in Nepal
Understanding Provisions
of Consumer Protection
in Nepal
EC - Nepal WTO Assistance Programme
Project No: EE/NEP/07/001
Technical Assistance for the
Development of the Consumer Movement as a Viable
Market Force in Nepal
Implemented by
United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
Conducted by
Consumers International office of the Asia Pacific and
Middle East
This publication has been produced with the financial assistance from European Commission Disclaimer: The information contained herein this publication is not exhaustive and consumers are advised to get more details before filing a consumer complaint. European Commission does not accept responsibility for the consequences of errors or omissions herein enclosed. Re-use of information contained in this publication is authorised and free of charge, provided the source is acknowledged. European Commission does not accept responsibility in connection with the use or re-use made of the information contained in this publication. Understanding

Provisions of
Consumer Protection in
Prepared by
Kamal Kanta Poudel, Nepal
Reviewed by
Ramesh Chandra Poudel, Nepal
Edited by
Indrani Thuraisingham, Consumers International
RSN Sharma (Satya), Consumers International
Consumers International expresses its sincere gratitude to the European Commission for their financial support for the
Technical Assistance towards the development of the consumer movement as a viable market force in Nepal. We appreciate the support and confidence of United Nations Industrial
Development Organisation (UNIDO) in engaging Consumers
International to provide this Technical Assistance that is aimed at strengthening the Department of Commerce (DoC),
Government of Nepal and consumer organisations. We are
especially grateful to Mr. Ramesh Chandra Paudel and Mr.
Kamal Kanta Poudel for their contributions in developing this publication.
ndrani Thuraisingham
Consumers International
Office for Asia-Pacific and the Middle East
Consumer protection in Nepal has received considerable
attention these days. The role of legal intervention with the aim of protecting the consumer has come under scrutiny in a
number of cases, many of which concentrate upon the role of
consumer law in the marketplace. Consumers’ role in asserting their rights has also been discussed by a large number of
leading commentators, with particular attention being paid to consumers lodging a complaint with relevant government
agency. Against this background, to assist consumers
determine their rights under the consumer protection law and other consumer related statutes, this booklet aims to be the first major publication to cover all pertinent information with regards to the protection of consumers in Nepal.

It provides a brief description on the enforcement powers of the Department of Commerce, under the major consumer
protection statutes. The information in this booklet should not be considered the granting or denying of any rights guaranteed under the law. This is written from the perspective of a
consumer, but it provides a good idea of how the Law is
intended to regulate the way businesses should interact with the consumer.
Table of Contents
1. Who is a Consumer? 7
2. UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection 11
3. Consumers International and Consumer Rights 13
4. Legal Framework for Consumer Protection Act in
Nepal 15
5. Consumer rights as recognised under the
Consumer Protection Act of Nepal 17
5.1 Assurance of Consumer Rights 18
5.2 Obligations of Manufactures 19
5.3 Restrictions on Sub-standard Goods and
Services: 20
5.4 Prohibition on Unfair Trade Practices 20
6. Other Laws having Consumer Protection
Implications 23
7. Some Policies having implication on Consumer
Rights Protection 25
8. Enabling Provisions for Consumers in CPA
and other Laws 26
8.1 Consumer...
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