Underground Metal Scene in Morocco

Topics: Heavy metal music, Underground music, Satanism Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: November 11, 2006
Thesis Statement: Even the arrestment of the musicians has created a clear crisis act within the youth and the society, the underground scene in Morocco has always followed its way with a lot of improvement thanks to the encouragement of the public and the fans. Outline:

Introduction: Move from general to specific (the underground scene before and after the affair). General overview about the Satanism Affair. I.The musicians received a jail sentences ranging from three months to one year. Nine of the arrested were in three Moroccan Heavy Metal bands: Nekros, Reborn and Infected Brain, and the rest were fans and one Egyptian who has the Egyptian Café where they meet. Among the objects exhibited in court as being contrary to good morals are black t-shirt with heavy metals signs on it, music CD's and Posters of famous Metal bands. The affair begins with a publication of an article of Nourdine Benmalek about a satanic girl. II. The Moroccan sentences brought immediate protests.

The arrested musicians were called to the court the 6th March. To support the accused, a concert was organized, a campaign website, and a sitting in front of the parliament building in Rabat. About 500 people including friends, family, musicians, teachers and parents of jailed men held a demonstration outside protesting against the arrest. Few weeks later the case went to appeal and eleven of the fourteen were acquitted. III.This event is not a new issue in the Arabic world, for it happened in Lebanon a few weeks ago and also in Egypt in 1997. In Beirut, plainclothes police raided the Acid Club looking for "devil worshipers". In Egypt in 1997, state security police armed with machine guns and satanically clad in masks and black uniforms, dragged about 70 youngsters in a series of a dawn raids. IV.The authorities associated Satanism with Metal music which is a wrong evaluation and not related to the life reality. Government should try to understand that young people are by essence...
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