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³The story I will be telling is soft drama. It is taking place quietly and profoundly in the heart of Indian society.´ - Gurcharan Das India Unbound is the story of a nation. It is a journey through five decades that portrays the challenges, the developments, political and social upheavals that have created the fabric of modern India. The book not only celebrates the champions, but also highlights the opportunities wasted. It also analyses the defining impact that the British Raj has had on the country. The author reflects on the different scenarios that could have made India a world superpower.

About the Author
Gurcharan Das was born in Lyallpur, India (now Pakistan) into a Punjabi Hindu family. He spent his childhood in Shimla and Delhi. He went to high school in Washington D.C. He graduated with honors from Harvard University in Philosophy. He later attended Harvard Business School (AMP), where he is featured in three case studies. He was the CEO of Procter & Gamble India and later Managing Director, Procter & Gamble Worldwide (Strategic Planning).


Spring of Hope 1942 - 65 Post Independence

Lost Generation 1966 - 91 Times of Turmoil Timeline

Rebirth of Dreams 1991 - 99 Post Economic Liberalization

Post Independence Era
1.The British Raj: a. Railways & Canal Systems b. The English language c. No governance d. No economic development 2. Nehru v/s Gandhi 3.The Temples of Modern India 4. Socialism- Capitalism

Times of Turmoil
1. Caste System: a) Impact on Competitiveness b) Innovation on the backburner 2. India with Indira: The transition from Lal Bahadur Shastri to Indira Gandhi. 3. Monopoly of PSU¶s: MRTP, FERA

Post Economic Liberalization
1. The Second Revolution: Freedom from license Raj 2. The Indian Entrepreneur turns global: A testimonial to liberalization 3. Misconception...
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