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Topics: Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Ulysses, Personal pronoun Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: April 23, 2015
Ulysses PETAL:
Age should not deter of be a barrier for one’s desire to discover. Ulysses is a monologue written by Lord Alfred Tennyson about an old adventure whole scaled the world with courage and never backed down to another quest. He is bored with life as an elderly and aspires to venture for the rest of his life until he dies. This is shown when he is speaking in his monologue when he says to himself “I cannot rest from travel, I will drink”. This emphasise his endurance and his longing to continue on a journey and there is a sense of desperation as if the world is against his ideals. The use of personal pronouns is further highlighted when he repeats, “I have enjoyed, much I have seen, I am a part of all I have met” The personal pronouns are used because of the poem being a monologue of Ulysses thoughts and values. Ulysses has a strong companionship with his mariners that journey with him which is shown through the use of plural personal pronouns where he says “We shall touch the Happy Isles, We are not now the strength which in the old days moved Earth and Heaven”. He is a king of travel a conquerer of the heavens and the earth. Not only does he long to travel he enjoys it, he likes every part of his journey. This is shown where he says, “All times I have enjoyed Greatly, have suffered greatly, both with those that loved me”. The portrayal of his dedication and unwilling desire to seize every moment, good or bad, with those who share the same interest. Juxtaposition of the enjoyment of all feelings that come along with the burden of travel. It shows his value of living life to the fullest and experiencing everything with the right frame of mind and with the right group of people that share the same passion as you. Ulysses will not halt his adventures until he dies which is shown through a metaphor when he says “The lights being to twinkle from the rocks, the long day wanes, the slow moon climbs, the deep”. Through the use of plural and personal pronouns,...
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