Uk Banks Analysis

Topics: Credit card, Debit card, MasterCard Pages: 19 (6009 words) Published: November 10, 2010
Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
1 A - Political4-6
Competitive analysis14-15
1 B -SWOT analysis16
2Barclaycard ranking table19-21
3 -A and B22
Ansoff’s Matrix23-25
Porter’s five force analysis25-27
4 -Updates28
Reference List30-31
Appendices 32-34

Executive Summary
The following begins with a very brief explanation of what you are about to read in the ‘foreword’. In succession to that we move on to the situational analysis which begins with a detailed look at the macro environment. A PEST analysis is conducted to determine the most noteworthy factors in the external environment of the debit and credit card market. We view at a minimum of two events in each one of the four PEST sectors. Following that we look at the micro-environment where we analyze who is being affected by the banks in the industry and mention their significance and how they fall in the equation. After reviewing this we conduct a competitive analysis to see the key strengths and weaknesses of the entire industry. Once we have completed that we are going to commence with a SWOT analysis for Barclaycard where we will be looking at the facts which were presented to us about Barclay a little bit more in detail and also the elements which are susceptible to change. Once we venture past that stage we will move on to the second part of the case.

We initiate a ranking table on which we mention four of the biggest drawbacks we find for Barclaycard and why we thought of them to be the most taxing. Once we are done justifying our answer we delve further to the third part of the questions.

We develop four strategic options which go in detail and explain which environment they fall under and how we should proceed with our decisions in the most beneficial way. We look at is from a SMART point of view and base the feasibility of our actions from that.

Lastly we look at a few updates in the UK debit and Credit card market which start from 2009 till now.


In this case study for Barclays Bank (The Credit Card and Debit Card Market) we are going to be firstly looking at the macro environment. After a thorough discussion and conducting the PEST analysis we will be moving on to the microenvironment where we will be looking at our suppliers, customers, competitors and other stakeholders. After we move on to the internal environment where we shall be conducting a SWOT analysis before we venture to produce a ranking table to explain how the factors rank in terms of importance. After we’re done with all this we will use Porter’s generic strategies and Ansoff’s matrix to analyze the strategic options Barclay has. Finally we shall be looking at the updates for Barclay’s Bank since the events mentioned since 2007 till now, seeing as to how they have reflected based on the strategic outcomes we suggested and the situation we had analyzed and deduced since then.

1 A

In the case of the debit and credit card market we are informed of the two main providers of credit and debit cards around the world; Visa and Mastercard. They are famous throughout the UK and together hold a very dominating percentage for credit and debit cards. The banks that they deal to are approximately all the major and most of the minor ones in the UK but the ones we will be reviewing today are: Lloyds/ TSB/ HBOS, Natwest/ RBS, Barclays and HSBC Lloyds. Initially we have to conduct a situational analysis of the macro-environment. For this we now conduct he PEST analysis.

figure 1.1

The figure above represents what falls under which category of the external, internal, macro and micro levels of the organization.

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