Uae Cultural Analysis

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United Arab Emirates

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Cultural Analysis Executive Summary

United Arab Emirates is a country that is built of several different emirates located on the peninsula of the Persian Gulf. The country was occupied by Great Britain up until 1971. After the removal of the British government the seven Sheikdoms became independent and formed the UAE. The country has a typically desert climate with ocean access on both sides of the country.

Located in the Middle East the United Arab Emirates is a predominately Islamic society. Muslims account for 96% percent of their population. Unlike traditional Islamic countries the United Arab Emirates prides itself on being understanding to different cultures and beliefs. The country doesn't regulate non-nationals for practicing their foreign religions, and respects the rights of others. They do how ever have prayer 5 times and usually wear tradition attire, called kandouras for men, and black cloaks called abayah for women. Respect and acceptance of the Islamic culture is a must in the country of the United Arab Emirates.

The country does hold its family with high regards and tends to have them close to them. Although, more and more, the nuclear family tends to be a norm in their culture and there is less emphasis on the importance of extended family. The typically size of a national family is two parents with 6-8 children. Along with the immediate family there is usually a live in servant to help with household issues. In the family woman are typically responsible for the management of the family, while the men work. It is a male dominated society, but as time goes on woman are starting to play a larger role. Women typically have teaching, nursing, or other similar job fields. Men are usually the business men and the ones with the authority in the work place.

The national language of the UAE is Arabic, as well as the written language. When in a business environment it is thought be that English is the language of choice. There is a literacy rate of close to 80% and the preferred form of communication is orally. There are numerous other languages used in the United Arab Emirates, but to be able to conduct business and communicate effectively English is significant. Knowing Arabic is definitely a plus when trying to build a relationship with nationals, but not necessary.

The government is a federation with specified powers delegated to the federal government and the individual state governments. The government does not allow political parties with the intent of staying a unified country. The executive branch consists of a Prime Minister and a President. The underlying cultural influence on the government is Islamic-law. UAE is the most liberal of the Middle Eastern countries and as there country develops more of the western cultural ways are being adopted. The government highly protects intellectual properties and is apart of the WTO and other world organizations that promote free trade and protection. The judiciary branch of the government is similarly set like the United States. They have State and Federal courts and in the Supreme Court the judges are appointed by the president.

The United Arab Emirates strongly support all creative arts. With such a diverse cultural influence the United Arab Emirates has a wide genre of creative arts. One that the UAE culture is known for is rug making. Persian rugs made in the UAE are some of the best in the world. Performance arts also have a wide variety, but in tune with the Islamic culture women are not allowed to participate in them. Sports in the UAE have been adopted from their recent occupier, the United Kingdom. Futbol, rugby, cricket, golf, and horse racing are the top sports in the UAE.

Located in the heart of a really conservative Islamic law part of the world, the United Arab Emirates is a diamond in the rough. The UAE seems to set the bar for technology, trading,...
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