Types of Psychological Depression and Holden

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September 28, 2011
Psychoanalysis Paper
Catcher in the Rye
My name is Sophia Lauren, I am Holden’s psychologist and I have been working with teenagers for ten years. However, Holden Caulfield is different from any other patient I have ever had. Even though Holden and I have a pretty good relationship it still has taken more than a year for me to get him to open up and tell me anything about his life. Just recently he has opened up to me. Whenever we are in one of our sessions though, Holden seems lifeless and stares out the window. I have finally come to my conclusion on Holden and his depression.

Holden suffers from severe depression and he finds no reason to live. He calls everyone a phony and knows little about the consequences of his actions. For example he doesn’t apply himself in school because he does not think he needs school. His ego is too big. Holden only finds enjoyment out of being with his kid sister Phoebe and he has no real place in the world.

There seem to be many causes of Holden’s depression. One is because he learns that he is a failure after leaving Penecy. One reason he is depressed by failure is that has flunked out of every single school that he has gone to. For example, Holden gets kicked out of Penecy because he is failing every subject except for one, English. Sally Hayes also depresses Holden because he does not understand why she would not want to run away with him. Lastly, Holden is depressed due to failure because he feels that he cannot do anything right. One of the many examples of this is when he breaks Phoebe's record and it shatters on the ground. When the record breaks, it also shows that Holden is shattering mentally as well. Holden is not only depressed because of his failure but he is also very lonely.

The recommendation I have for Holden is love and understanding. He needs to be surrounded by people who care. He needs to be shown that school is important and that being successful in life counts. Holden needs to...
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