Types of Compound

Topics: Compound, Teeth, Meaning of life Pages: 4 (703 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Endocentric: AB = B
A= modifier
B= head
Take a look at the following example
Is it a type of tooth? or; Is it a type of paste?
Definition of toothpaste from www.macmillandictionary.com
soft thick subtance (paste) that you put on a toothbrush to clean your teeth Tooth is the modifier (A) of the head (B) paste.
toothpaste = a type of paste for brushing teeth
In most cases the head is the rightmost component of the compound. English N-N Compounds
* catfood
* storybook
* face cream
* wood pulp
* footbal player
food, book, cream, pulp and player are the ‘HEADs’
English Endocentric Compounds
* blackboard
* red rose
* hair brush
* armchair
* wild animal
* spoon-feed

1. The head IDENTIFIES the entire class to which the meaning of the entire word belongs. 2. The word class of endocentric compounds is determined by their rightmost components (the heads) blackboard; black(Adj.) board(N) blackboard(N)

spoon-feed; spoon(N) feed(V) spoon-feed(V)
3. An endocentric compound has the same syntactic function as its head in a sentence. My mom is spoon-feeding my two-year-old brother.
My mom is feeding my two-year-old brother.

Indonesian Endocentric Compounds
* botol kecap (soy sauce bottle)
* lemari pakaian (wardobe, clothes closet)
* buku bacaan (reader)
* ruang kelas (class room)
* sepeda motor (motorcycle)
* ruang guru (teacher’s room)
* mawar putih (white rose)
* binatang melata (reptile)
* anak sekolah (schoolchild)
* rumah makan (restaurant)
Botol, lemari, buku, ruang and sepeda are the ‘HEADs’
Exocentric: AB≠B
Take a look at this example:
crybaby ................................................... cry ─ baby Which is the head?
Is crybaby a type of baby?
Definition of crybaby from www.macmillandictionary.com
someone who cries too much, especially a child
crybaby ≠ a type of baby who cries a lot...
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