Two Unforgettable Movies

Topics: Social class, Love, Marriage Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: December 12, 2011
James Cameron’s “Titanic” and Nick Cassavete’s “The Notebook” although two tragic movies are two of the most romantic tales ever seen. Two loves found by destiny. In Titanic, Rose is a wealthy young girl forced by her family to marry rich to secure her place in society and Jack is a poor young artist that won his ticket to the Titanic in a card game. “The Notebook” tells a similar story of a forbidden love of two young souls who are distend to be together. These two films similarities can only be described through their characters. Rose was a young girl traveling with her mother and her fiancé, Carl, aboard the Titanic. To Ruth, Rose’s mother, was very important the marriage of his daughter because of financial problems. Due to the stress of an unwanted marriage, Rose considers the option of suicide by jumping from the stern of the boat. At that time Jack, a third class passenger, discover her and convinces her not to jump. They began a friendship and soon she realized that she prefers Jack over her fiancé. Carl realizes Rose’s feelings for Jack and forbids her to see him again.  She escapes and asks Jack to sketch her naked. Afterwards, they make love. Then they go to the deck where they witness the ship's collision with the iceberg.  Quickly they return to the top deck where Jack and Carl convince her to jump into a lifeboat that they are going to go on the next boat. When the boat is going down Rose realizes that Carl was lying and that she could not leave Jack behind. She jumps back to the ship to reunite with him. Suddenly, the ship breaks in half and the couple falls into the ocean. He puts her in a piece of board that only bear the weight of a person, promising her that he will not die in that place. Meanwhile, an officer has initiated the search for survivors, he saves Rose but Jack dies o of hypothermia. Another similar movie is The Notebook. Allie is a young girl of good economic position and Noah is a guy who works in a lumberyard. They meet each...

References: Sparks, N. (2/28/1998).The Notebook. Warner Bros: Grand Central Publishing.
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