Two Tough Calls Case Study

Topics: Management, Grade, Human resource management / Pages: 9 (2190 words) / Published: Feb 1st, 2013
1.A. How would you describe the HR practices and beliefs of the program manager, the narrator of this case?
For the most part, I believe the narrator had a good outlook with her HR practices and beliefs. She understood the company did not always do the right thing, but she wanted to make sure she did the right thing to make her a better manager. The narrator had the ability to be honest with the people, which would help to make the department stronger. There is not need to lie to people to make them happy. If people need additional training or development, then they should be aware of what is expected and what they need to improve. It is better to be up front with the people, because people that are lied to believe they are doing better than they actually are. Effective leaders are able to lead people throughout the entire process. They set the expectations for the people, and should be there to correct them when going down the wrong path.
1.B. What are the strengths and limitations of her HR practices and beliefs?
A definite strength for the narrator would be her ability to be brutally honest with people. Not everyone has this ability, and it sometimes causes issues because people do not know what exactly is expected of them. I believe the narrator’s ability to be honest with the people will go a long way in improving the overall ability of the department. It will also help identify areas of improvement for every employee. Identifying areas that are in need of improvement will allow the narrator to seek training to aid the employee development. Focusing on areas of development will make the department stronger, and will allow the people to grow into new roles within the management structure.
While the narrator did have a good outlook on handling people, there were instances within the article that I did not agree with the narrator. The areas I disagreed with the narrator dealt with the reasoning behind possibly not giving some people a low grade. I do not

References: Badaracco, Jr., J. L. (2006, July 10). Two Tough Calls (A). Harvard Business School Press, 9-306-027.

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