Twinship in a Tale of Two Cities

Topics: A Tale of Two Cities, A Tale of Two Cities characters, Lucie Manette Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: May 15, 2011
Often at first glance, identical twins usually appear to be exactly the same, and to the eyes, they may be the same; however, as one gets to know them, it is often discovered how different their individual personalities can be in spite of their obvious similarities. They exhibit proof of both twinship and oppositeness in different aspects of their lives. In A Tale of Two Cities, many twins and opposites appear under scrutiny in an array of different situations. In Charles Dickens’s novel A Tale of Two Cities, the central theme of doubling is demonstrated from beginning to end.

From the first page of the novel, the idea of pairing is evidently revealed. The first chapter gives the reader a brief impression of the conflicts occurring in that era and place. Then, during Charles Darnay’s initial trial in London, Sydney Carton demonstrates an example of twinship. Sydney himself notices and points out the uncanny physical resemblances between himself and Darnay in order to save Darnay’s life. As the story continues, the reader discovers that the two men, Darnay and Carton, are as different in their personal lives, attitudes, and beliefs as they are alike in appearance. Overall, Darnay was gentlemanly and fearless in the face of his own sentencing. Carton, on the other hand, continuously appeared disheveled and frequently drank heavily. Sydney admitted of himself to Lucie, “…the life I lead, Miss Manette, is not conducive to health,” showing that Sydney notices how is life appears to others. Regardless of these differences, both Darnay and Carton fall in love with the same lady, Miss Lucie Manette, once they see her. Even though these two men lead such conflicting lives, they both admire and care for the same woman, showing how alike they are even when these similarities are not obvious.

Another such example of twinship and oppositeness is the two identities of Charles Darnay, also known as the Marquis Evremonde in Paris. In France as Evremonde, life...
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