Twilight - Bella Character Analysis

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In the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, Bella is a normal girl that discovers a whole new world that turns her life into a wild adventure. Bella is friendly, selfless, and clumsy. The fact that she is all of these things together makes her vunlerable and people feel the need to protect her.

Throughout the story Bella makes a lot of new friends. Some of the friends she doesn't like but is nice to them anyways. She was nice to Edward Cullen even though at the beginning it looked like he was disgusted by her. She still tried to be friendly to him. Mike Newton was pretty annoying to her, but she was nice enough not to ditch him completely.

Secondly she is sefless and she shows it by never thinking of herself and always worrying about others. She doesn't care if she dies just as long as the people she loved was safe. She risked her life going to save her mom when James tricked her into coming. She wanted to stop bothering the Cullens even though it was no bother to them because they were vampires and were in a less dangerous situation than she was.

Finally she was clumsy. This was the most obvious trait of hers. She always fell and hurt herself accidentally or get into dangerous situations daily. She attracted dangers and accidents. And that was how she met Edward. Edward was attracted to her scent and couldn't stand being away from her. And he was also afraid if he was away from her she would die since danger is so attracted to her.
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