Twelfth Night

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Twelfth Night
1 ) Characters
Sir Andrew Aguecheek is very similar to very modern day sitcom males. He would be portrayed as slow and hard to understand. If he was the clown at work and in an office scenario he would be the one that would get blamed for the bad things happening around the office. Sebastian would be a character that always gets in trouble. Trouble follows him everywhere he goes. But, in the end things always work out. He goes with the flow and doesn’t get too worked up. Malvolio is the character that everyone takes advantage of throughout his story. He has a constant yearning to fit in, but never quite fulfilling what he sets out to do. He means well, but is frequently misinterpreted. 2) Scene V. Olivia’s House

This is a discussion between Maria, Malvolio, Olivia, and Feste. This chatter back and forth between Feste and Olivia where Olivia is trying to get rid of Feste, but the clown is reversing the insults back on Olivia. This is as close to a fight as we get to see between Feste and Olivia. They are trying to decide who is the fool in the group and can’t do so. After going back and forth through the show of Malvolio being driven crazy with these two following him everywhere and he has had enough. In the end he claims them both fools and leaves them to bicker among themselves. This is the classic set for a modern sitcom. A common argument that can be drawn across the show and, in the end, resolved. 3) Comedy

a) The repetition between Olivia and Feste could be made to be very funny. Both characters are so caught up in their problems that neither one recognizes how annoying it is to Malvolio. The situation is very real and it’s entertaining when we aren’t the ones being pestered. It’s a way to show the character traits when the two women are acting like clowns and making fools of themselves and don’t realize it until Malvolio has had enough and explodes at the end of the episode. b) Malvolio takes things so seriously it’s comical. He is so...
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