TV Internet Video Games Effects on Children

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TV/Internet/Video Games Effects on Children
As the technologies improve, Internet, electronic devices and TV become part of our lives. In my parents’ generation, they did not have much technology products to entertain themselves. When they went back home from school, they usually hang out with classmates playing hide and seek, sport games, or read books in the library. A mere 20 years ago, children used to play outside all day, riding bikes, playing sports and building forts (Rowan 2013). In the past, most families often get together on the dining table to share their day of life. Compare to the new generation children, back in the old days, children really have a healthy childhood. They spend more time with family and friends than staying individual playing video games or watching TV.

Nowadays families are different than the past as the technologies have a huge impact on them. It makes many families break down their relationships. Technology's impact on the 21st century family is fracturing its very foundation, and causing a disintegration of core values that long ago were the fabric that held families together (Rowan 2013). People used to talk and share what they have done for the day on during dinnertime, but this scene get replace by a big screen. They watch TV instead of sharing their daily life. New technologies make life easier; it helps modern family solve problems. For example, when a mother is feeding her baby by herself, but at the same time she also has to make her 3 years old crying child to calm down. She uses the ipad to make the 3 years old child quiet. Although it is very useful and fast to make the children listen the parents’ words, it makes children become more rely on these technologies. They use these technologies to do homework, to create new things and to get knowledge. Children now rely on technology for the majority of their play, grossly limiting challenges to their creativity and imaginations, as well as limiting necessary...

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