Tudor Rebellions under Henry VII

Topics: House of York, Edward IV of England, Perkin Warbeck Pages: 4 (933 words) Published: September 28, 2014


1487: Lambert Simnel
Lambert Simnel presented Henry VII with the first major challenge of his reign. Lambert Simnel, a boy of ten, was used by others to reassert the House of York’s claim to the throne. The problem for Henry VII was if he failed to assert himself at the first opportunity he had to do so, then the probability was that Henry would fall from power. Causes

The first initial problem Henry had was one he inherited from Richard III – the Princes in the Tower. While there was even the slightest doubt that these two boys were dead those who supported the Yorkists always had a chance of rallying around someone to challenge Henry VII. The first of these people was Lambert Simnel. LAmbert Simnel pretended to be the Earl of Warwick, The Rebellion 

At the battle of Stoke, Lincoln’s army stood at 8,000 while Henry could call on 12,000 men. The battle lasted for three hours. In the initial stages Lincoln’s force held the upper hand as the German soldiers who were with Schwarz proved effective. However, the king’s army held firm and at the end Lincoln, Schwarz, Broughton and the leader of the Irish, Thomas Geraldine, were killed. Over half of Lincoln’s force was killed.


Richard Symonds was arrested and sentenced to life in a bishop’s prison. Simnel was given a position in the king’s kitchen as Henry recognised that he was not the cause of the invasion but was just used during the whole scenario. Simnel was later given the post of king’s falconer in recognition of how well he had worked. Those nobles who had supported Lincoln were not as generously treated. Twenty eight of them had their estates confiscated. This sent a clear message that anyone who betrayed the king would be severely dealt with. It also enhanced Henry’s wealth as all attainted land and estates became the property of the king.

1491-7: Perkin Warbeck
Henry had also set up a very good spy network across England and mainland...
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