Truth and Facebook

Topics: World Wide Web, Truth, Burglary Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: February 16, 2009

A few years ago, students used to write their thoughts and crushes into

private diaries, which none was allowed to see. But nowadays, students, who

have grown up with the World Wide Web, are creating more and more their

own online communities on sites like Facebook. There they can meet friends

and people from all over the world; they can create their own profile and

include one or several photos. Also they can add their likes and dislikes,

interests or sexual preferences.

However many people are against online communities like Facebook.

First you have to remember that everything you once put there becomes

public property. So without the necessary knowledge, not only friends but

maybe also stalkers, burglars, or other strangers could find you and become

involuntarily a part of your life. Also pictures can be printed out and saved. So

you have to be careful what kind of information you share.

Furthermore you can’t control which person is in front of you and if he’s telling

the truth or not. On Facebook you can pretend to be another person and give

yourself another name. Sure the 100 million users have the total control over

who can see what but you can’t be sure if people you have accepted as

friends are really friends.

Moreover more and more employers are using sites like Facebook to collect

information about future employees. In that case it’s better when they don’t

find pictures of you drunken or details about your past relationship. When

posting something you always have to remember that this could, even ten

years later, have an impact on your life.

Finally we have to say that in fact Facebook helps you connect and share

with people in your life, but first you have to know who those people really

are, which is not evident. Further careless posted information can lead to be

rejected for jobs or to become victim of a stalker or burglar. I would rather...
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