Truman Show Media Essay

Topics: The Truman Show, Reality television, Product placement Pages: 3 (971 words) Published: July 20, 2014
Trumans life is built and controlled, and revolved around media without his knowledge. Trumans “perfect world” is a direct metaphor for our lives. Our lives are warped by the media’s ideals similarly how the protagonist unknowingly lives in a life that is being controlled. In both circumstances, the media’s main objective seems to be evident; a subtle way to convey a message. The media depicted in the motion picture has a significantly high influential role to our modern day society, which is unavoidable. This is strongly portrayed throughout, “the Truman show” solely based on three points which are commercialism, manipulation, and emotions created when engaged into media.

Manipulation is a recurring theme in “the Truman show” as the media creates unrealistic societal expectations for the viewers. These expectations are created to achieve the ideal life that is demonstrated in trumans life, as each situation he encounters is immaculately set up. Seahaven is a prime example of how the film shows the audience what a perfect world is pertaining to. In the utopian world, everybody is content with his or her lives, but realistically it’s embellished. The society is manipulated in thinking to believe a flawless world exists and the way people live in media is the way humanity should live as well. The film displays Truman’s life in a nutshell, having an adequate job and having a significant other, which are things, any typical male would request for. “The Truman Show” implemented an imaginary world to capture the viewer’s attention and to give of a positive vibe, further influencing the viewers that media can help us attain the ideal world.

In the scene, where Truman tells the teacher his dream occupation is to be an explorer, she blatantly lies to him down by telling him the whole world is already been discovered and explored. Truman now believes he can never become an explorer, destroying all his ambitions and aspirations. The teacher manipulated Truman so he...
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