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truman show

By lmcivorr Nov 06, 2013 646 Words

What are the differences between Truman’s world and Christof’s world? Which one would you rather live in and why? Turman's world was a reality tv show, a world full of lies- every person he met was an actor as for Christof's world was the real world in which we live in today. Personally I would rather live in Christof’s world as it is the real world, a world of truth where we are constantly learning from our mistakes. As for in Truman’s worlds everything is staged and too script, there is no freedom to experience. TRUMEN’S WORLD

No free will
Emotions aren’t real
Truman struggles with stress and relationships
unplanned (elements of fate/chance)
Degree of Privacy

It is often much safer to ignore the signs and stick with what we know - what is safe. Do you think that Truman ignores the signs to some degree? Is he somehow subconsciously aware that things are “off” in his early life, but he decides that it is much safer to not question the reality? He was aware it he didn’t want to question it too much because to him it is his life and reality Things that happened to make him more aware

Truman is innocent, naïve and lovable. How does he become less innocent? How does his personality change as he becomes more aware? What events lead him to become more aware(list as many as you can from film)? Light falling from the sky

The people in the elevator- secret rooms
Is able to stop all the traffic
Wife acts like she’s advertising cocoa
Talking through his radio
Seeing his father again
Wife asks for help when he’s acting strangly

Truman’s world could be viewed as perfect, a utopia of sorts. What is wrong with perfection and why does our world need imperfection? MANIPULATION
1. Truman is manipulated throughout his life. His story needs to be the story that Christof wants to see play out. List as many times/ways that you can think of from the film where Truman has been manipulated. - in all the circumstances where they tried to cover up their mistakes - the mother got really ill so he couldn’t go chase after silvia - tv shows coincidently at the right times

- the weather

2. How might this “manipulation” apply to other forms of media (reality tv, magazines, newspapers, social media etc) ___________________________________

“We accept the reality with which we are presented.” (Christof) What does this statement say about audiences? What does this statement say about the attitude of the media? ________________________________________________

“You never had a camera in my head!” (Truman to Christof) What does this say about the media and their power over people? What does this statements say about audiences? ___________________________________________

We can see from the ‘Truman Show’, that sometimes reality is not that real. Can you think of any “reality shows” that you have seen (make a list)? How do you think the producers/directors/editors of this show might manipulate reality? ____________________________________________

In the ‘Truman Show’ product placement is what funds the whole show. Make a list of all the examples of product placement you can think of from the show. What does this say about the relationship between the media, corporations and consumerism? Can you think of any other examples of product placement that you have seen in any other shows/movies/internet etc? __________________________________________

The last line in the ‘Truman Show’ is “Let’s see what else is on.” – what does this say about audiences, their loyalty, their attitudes etc. ___________________________________________
WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? What happened to Truman once he stepped through that door and into the real world? Write a one page response.

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