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1. Manfrotto 545BK, 516 Tripod
Manfrotto tripod
The Manfrotto 545BK, 516 tripod
High performance tripod
The Manfrotto 545BK, 516 Tripod is a high performance tripod designed for the latest DV camcorders used by documentary and industrial videographers. The components of this Manfrotto tripod have versatile features that are perfect for light weight ENG camcorders. The Manfrotto tripod has a fluid video head is very compact and light however, it can support cameras up to 10 kg. Also, it is cost effective high performance tripod as its head is equipped with fluid cartridges that provide continuous adjustable drag control. Other important features of the head are; the separate tilt and pan locking mechanism, a fixed counterbalance spring of 7.5 kg load capacity at a center of gravity of 125mm, two telescopic pan handles and a bubble level. The Manfrotto 545BK, 516 tripod is a two stage, extremely rigid, stable tripod that is able to carry loads up to 25 kg. The 545B has a die cast aluminum crown with a built-in 100mm bowl. The tripods telescopic mid-level spreader helps set leg angles accurately. The leg locks are secure and reliable in this Manfrotto tripod; spiked feet with rubber overshoes are provided for solid grounding on both smooth and uneven terrains.

2. Samsonite 3751 Tripod
Samsonite tripod
Samsonite 3751 Tripod
Light weight tripod
The Samsonite 3751 Tripod is a compact and light weight tripod ideal for macro use with digital cameras catering to photographer’s needs and expectations. This samsonite tripod has an aluminum finish easel fits seamlessly into a wide range of environments. It has a height of less than 5 inches tall but can be extended up to the height of 66 inches by using the crank handle with geared column to adjust the height as needed. The 3-way fluid pan head in the samsonite tripod is present to move the camcorder with ease in order to catch every shot. It has a feature of a three section channel lockable legs and rubber feet which makes the equipment secure making it possible to withstand rough photographic situations. The quick release- mount feature of the samsonite tripod makes one handed mounting possible and the quick release plate allows for the fast removal or placement of the camera. The Samsonite 3751 tripod also includes dual bubble levels for improved stabilization and a carry handle to tote the light weight tripod with ease. 3. Sachtler VIDEO 15P Tripod

Sachtler tripod
The Sachtler Video 15P tripod
High carrying capacity
The Sachtler Video 15P tripod has a high strength and durability factor guaranteeing camera operators an extremely high carrying capacity tripod. It provides a rich variety of features including a 5 step counterbalance system, bubble lever illuminating, grades of drag 7 in tilt and 7 in pan, and a very long balance plate sliding range. The Sachtler Tripod is equipped with unique rotary clamping system and offers a high carrying capacity tripod to users along with a wide range of applications. It also enables lower and higher camera positioning. The Sachtler VIDEO 15P Tripod is fitted with the Sachtler rotary clamping system, which delivers the speed and mobility that professionals and other users need. This Sachtler tripod has a payload of 45 Kg /99 lb, an adjustable height of between 64.5-141 cm/25.4"-55.5" and a head fitting of 100mm. The Sachtler tripod consists of a fluid head which is perfectly designed for the latest generation of camera equipment. This 15P fluid head offers five step damping system and the sandwich touch & go quick release. Hence, this Sachtler tripod helps deliver quality results to its users. 4. Velbon DV-48 Tripod

Velbon tripod
Velbon DV-48 tripod
Three-legged tripod
The Velbon DV-48 tripod is compact when folded and it is a three-legged tripod which when extended becomes a full-height tripod. This Velbon tripod is the solution for the people who like to travel and capture the moments so this three-legged...
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