Tribal Deception

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Murray Bartlett
Mr. Kirk Davis
Sociology 101
5 May 2002
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Tribal Deception

In "Tribal Wisdom" David Mayberry-Lewis asserts that traditional societies place more value on people as resources (361), mutilation of adolescent genitalia is an important part of growing up, and there is never a raw deal.(362) He asserts that the secularity of modern societies is a bad thing and while not specifically as a comparison he does mention tribal worship of fish and animals is a good thing. Does this really sound like it was written by the sharpest stick in the woods? What you are about to read are my thoughts on some of Mr. Lewis' assertions. First off we are tribal, that is how we got to be where we are. We were so successful in fact that we no longer have to live in bug ridden tents with deadly tarantulas, snakes, scorpions and other hazards to human life. We trade knowledge as well as skins and we raise livestock so that our great numbers do not deplete our national resources. As for the last jibe on modern societies are the only one that wreak violence on their Bartlett 2

own kind, siting the scores of shootings was throughout the world; (Mayberry-Lewis,364) there is not a shooting war in Germany, England, France Sweden, Japan, Australia or the United States of America. Perhaps it is just the smaller struggling tribes that are having a problem with this; we went though this too, remember. All good things are hard won. We believe in our family values, those of us that have families. Our society enables us to stay in touch and visit and support one another over greater distances. This is not as great a dilemma as it is in tribal nations where you have to walk everywhere you go. Some of our less advance tribal youths still follow the old ways and pawn their endless string of children onto their parents. Our tribe values individual rights above all else, it is because of this concept that our children can become a...

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