Trends in Social Work

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Recent Trends in Social Work Education
The concept of social work started with the charity and always aimed at the social and economic wellbeing of the poor and suppressed class. Dealing with poverty was the focal consideration of early social work and hence was intricately linked with the idea of charity work. But the scenario has undergone a transformational change in past few years and social work and social work education are now the pillars for all social evils. The current face of social work is more scientific, systematic and professional in nature and more critical, practical and holistic in approach. Contemporary social work education has re-conceptualized the problem and re-defined the intervention to approach different social problems. The recent trends in social work education aim at controlling, counseling, empowering and reforming. Now the study of social work deals with integrated and comprehensive socio-economic development activities in agrarian (rural) and industrial (urban) societies emphasizing research on social, health and economic problems. The education of social work now generates awareness on not only “helping people to help themselves” but building social work knowledge and praxis through a range of ideological stances, complex domains of practice, research and field engagements. The core constitutional ethos and values pervade all aspects of learning, knowledge building and interventions. Interwoven with the same are aspects of social justice, rights, development and empowerment of society simultaneously appreciating differences and intersectional ties created through categorical imperatives of caste, class, gender, ethnicity and faith.  The mission of social work education, in today’s globe, is to create a cadre of professionals who are able to converge the discursive and practical aspects of interventions. The discursive aspects get seen through the divergent perspective stances of welfare, development, radical, engendered and...
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