Tree of Life Movie Review Essay

Topics: Family, Son, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Maci Evans

The movie Tree of lIfe was at first really confusing and needed more than one viewing to understand. At first I tried to decipher some kind of plot in the story, I soon realized that my efforts were in vain when I noticed that perhaps the director of the film intended on the film to be ambiguous. After much thought I concluded that this film was perhaps the story of creation explained, questioned and explored through the tragedy of a family. I felt as though there was a lot of imagery in the film and symbolism. I found this film to be extremely poetic and based on questions of faith and the meaning of life. One scene that particularly caught me off guard was when all of the families and friends were together in harmony on what seemed to be a beach, this may have represented a heaven of some sort. The character Sean Penn played was extremely un clear to me however, I wasn't sure wether or not he was the son who in the beginning of the story was claimed "dead" or one of the other sons. I very much did enjoy, however, the excellent choice of opera music in the movie. It gave the movie a sense of intensity and urgency. Another aspect of the movie I particularly enjoyed was the oldest son, Jack, and his relationship with God. Sometimes he would scream out in the open in frustration or anger to God, as he secretly was resenting his family. The resentment Jack had for his father, undoubtably, casted a dark shadow over the families' harmony especially with their shaky relationship with the father. The father in the movie was possibly the character I personally did not like at all. He over-excerized his authority as a parent driving his family to chaos. The scene when the father leaves and the family is in peace I believe can be reverted back to the opening quote from the bible questioning "where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth… When the morning stars sang together and all the heavenly beings started for joy." I believe this quote related...
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