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Title: Treasure Hunt Assignment

Pico Question
The PICO question used in this assignment is In adult patients with short term voiding problems, what is the effect of urethral catheter design compared with standard latex catheters on the rate of urinary tract infection? Define Systematic Review

A systematic review is a scientific approach that combines results from a group of original research studies and looks at the studies as a whole (Nieswiadomy, 2012). Systematic reviews are pertinent for evidence-based practice (EBP) because it brings together research on the effectiveness of treatments or interventions and helps clinicians decide which treatments or approaches are supported by evidence (Nieswiadomy, 2012). Titles Found-First Search

The following are five titles found:
Cranberries for preventing urinary tract infections.
Methenamine hippurate for preventing urinary tract infections. •Cranberries for treating urinary tract infections.
Prophylactic antibiotics to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections after urodynamic studies. •Routine neonatal circumcisions for the prevention of urinary tract infections in infancy. Systematic Review Found-Second Search

The systematic review that was found on the second search that specifically answers the PICO question is Types of urethral catheters for management of short-term voiding problems in hospitalized adults by Katie Schumm and Thomas Lam.

Summary of the Systematic Review
Describe how the systematic review applies to the PICO Question (1) The systematic review answers the PICO question in that it addresses risk and rate of urinary tract infections associated with types of indwelling catheters in adult hospitalized patients with short term voiding problems. Types of Studies Reviewed (2)

Cochrane Incontinence Group Specialized Register of trials (May 24, 2010) was searched in addition to bibliographies of relevant articles. Catheter manufacture...

References: Nieswiadomy, R.M. (2012). Foundation of Nursing Resarch (6th ed.). Boston: Pearson.
Schumm K., Lam, B.L. (2008). Types of urethral catheters for management of short-term
voiding problems in hospitalized adults. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2008 (2).
DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD004013.pub3
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