Travelers Import Cars Case

Topics: Management, Car dealership, Employment Pages: 4 (862 words) Published: April 19, 2010
Erin Crow/Criscolo
Robb Romans
HRM Zigrossi

Case Study 3: Traveler Import Cars Inc.

• Traveler Import Cars owners Randy and Beryl Traveler both have extensive industry experience. Randy was a partner in Capitol Imports, a prosperous foreign car dealership, and Beryl was a consult holding an MBA who specialized in automobile dealerships. • They decided to go into business for themselves and their successful import car dealership has been in operation for over 5 years. • Several of Traveler’s employees once worked for Capital Imports but were enticed by Randy and Beryl to leave and work for them. • None of Traveler’s employees are unionized (but get equivalent benefits) and the staff feels like they are family. • The company started with 1 small dealership, but has expanded and now operates two dealerships, a leasing company, and a wholesale parts store. • Beryl had been in charge of the dealership’s daily operations but with the company’s fast growth she felt overworked and hired two experienced managers to help relieve some of her work load. • Although the new managers had good ideas, Beryl was now working harder than ever as the dealership was continuing to expand rapidly. • Despite regular meetings Beryl had with managers, her ideas weren’t implemented and important deadlines were missed with increasing frequency. Additionally, employee absenteeism and tardiness was becoming a regular occurrence. • At her wits end, Beryl hired experienced consultant J.P. Muzak to straighten out Traveler’s Import Cars’ quality circle. • Muzak conducted a needs analysis and met with Travelers management team to discuss his findings. • Muzak also conducted an assessment of the company’s managers and discussed the results with Beryl privately. He concluded that most managers could be trained, but that a few were simply incapable of holding management positions.

• Muzak’s evaluation of...
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