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TO WHAT EXTENT HAS THE INCREASED AVAILABILITY AND ACCESSIBILITY OF INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL HAD AN IMPACT ON MODERN SOCIETY? In the last thirty years different societies have experienced a considerable number of changes in customs, beliefs and communication methods, citizens from Asia, America and Europe were more attracted to international travel and destroyed the frontiers paradigm creating an interlinked world. Currently, some international institutions such as the European Union, the Organisation for American States (OAS) and the Sur-American States Union (UNASUR) develop strategies and design policies to adapt the concept of a multi-citizenship, some examples are the OAS book Citizenship Democracy: An agenda for the construction of citizenship in Latin America (2009) and the UNASUR Treaty of Constitution (2008). Most of these modifications in human behaviours were caused by international travel and have positive impacts in specific areas such as economy, culture, education and research. Firstly, international travel have impacted economy in areas such as infrastructure employment and production, a research made by Martha Honey for the Centre for Responsible Travel (2009, p.2) suggests that global migration generated approximately 1 USD trillion in international revenues in 2008, making it an essential fragment of worldwide economy and classifying it as the fourth-largest industry after combustibles, the chemical and motorized commodities. The proliferation of the global tourism industry has seriously impacted investments in local infrastructure in Latin-American countries such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama, where governments have encouraged aggressive campaigns to attract tourists by improving the road network and the internal security of the country, by designing festivals and allowing foreign direct investment (Barbero, J., 2011, p.33). These policies have important consequences in the development of the country; primarily,...

Bibliography: Kispert, R.J. (2004). Universal language. [online] World book Online Reference Center. Available from: [Accessed 12 July 2014]
Organisation for American States
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