Translation of Narendranath Mitra's Short Story

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Director Animesh Chaudhury came to Chitpur to sign a contract with Malati Mallik. He got an excellent opportunity to make his own film. Earlier Animesh was an assistant director. The producer, Boikuntha Poddar was a miser person. He gave only eighty-five thousands and demanded for a good movie. It was a challenge for Animesh. He had to face this, as he was a new filmmaker. However, he knew that he has to spend near of about one lakh. He needed to work hard to keep ahead. He did almost all the works by his own presence. From the initial stage he ran here and there, he gave hard time in almost every part of the work.

Malati was not so famous in acting, yet she had to play a minor character. The role was short that was the reason she was given that role. She had to play the role of a wife of a worthless husband, a mother of a hungry boy etc. But, Animesh did not get Malati, even after the evening at her home. The servant Khantamoni said, “She has gone outside with Babu*. Should I say something to her?” Animesh gave a name card to her with pale face. That whole evening was spoilt.

Vinoy Chakroborty, lived at Joy Mitra Street, was an old friend of Animesh. Animesh used to visit his house frequently. His wife Labonno, offered him tea, coffee, including other delicious food. Animesh also gave them tickets of some new movies. He did not go there for a long time, as he was quite busy with his new direction and after returning from Malati’s house, he decided to go there to make himself free from these burdens for the moment. At least he would enjoy their company. He entered in a narrow gali*, where Vinoy lived in an old broken house. He was poor; he did not get any good job though he bore a good qualification. Animesh enjoyed their company, as they were very simple. He could feel a simple generous affection from them, which he did not get from that miserable city.

Some loud arguments were going on inside the house. It was stopped by the sounds of knock at the door. Vinoy came, “Who is it?” Animesh called him by his name then Vinoy could recognize him. He opened the door and asked him to come in. But Animesh did not get that warm welcome which he usually got. He entered in the room. After entering into the room, he found nothing organized. Everything was misplaced. The shirt was tasting the dust on the floor, some paddy corn made the floor golden, the broken mirror on the floor was reflecting lights here and there etc. Labonno was silent and sad. Animesh got everything from the situation. A few minutes back the tornedo of anger came and ruined the decoration of the room. Vinod gave a stool to sit. Animesh said, “I think I have disturbed you. It was in climax, I can guess all these from the unorganized situation of the room. Vinoy offered cigarette, both of them lit the cigarette. “I am fed up with my life. I was not aware of such problematic situations of family life. Which couple does not have sons or daughter? Whose son or daughter dose not suffers from disease? A father always does his best. I also did, but I have limitation,”- Vinoy said with a sad voice.

Labonno was silent but listening to the words she shouted, “My son would have died due to typhoid. None thought that he will be alive.” She pulled that little boy before Animesh and said in sad tone, “Look at my little son. Does he look like a normal boy? He can not walk properly, even he does not get proper energy in his left leg. I went to doctor, he advised to fed him well. If he is feed well he will be recovered soon. That is why I asked him to bring Oval tine. But I did not know that a father can behave like this with an unfortunate son’s mother.” At the meantime, the boy started crying. Perhaps he felt pain in his leg. Labonno took him in her lap and said, “My sona* … Do not cry… Your uncle will condemn you. Do you know your uncle is a good photographer. He will take your photos. Animesh, you have to take a good photo of my Bintu.

Labonno smiled....
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