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Topics: Transgender, Sexual orientation, Homosexuality Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: September 19, 2011
March 18, 2010
Essays on Transgender
Transgender is an umbrella term used to refer to individuals whose expression of gender identity deviates from their corresponding gender at birth. Transgenderism is another highly sensitive topic that sparks strong reactions from people. In fact, the issue is controversial enough to make essays on transgender common writing assignments in universities. Like essays on same-sex marriages, persuasive essays about gays in the military and essays on gay adoption, essays on transgender discuss society’s treatment towards people whose sexuality is different from the norm.

Essays on transgender should explain the definition of ‘transgender’ and how it differs from ‘transsexual,’ ‘transvestism,’‘genderqueer’ and other terms. Originally, the term transgender was coined by Virginia Prince of the U.S in the 1970s to differentiate it from the term transsexual. This etymology should be related in essays on transgender. Essays on transgender cover a wide range of topics, including human sexuality, ethics, psychology etc. Sexual orientation, gender identity and sexual identity vary among individuals. The way that transgenderists express their human sexuality and how this differs from what society considers to be normal expressions of sexuality should also be discussed in essays on transgender. The operations and surgeries that transgender people choose to undergo and how they receive appropriate health care are additional facts that should be included in essays on transgender. Because of the lifestyle they choose, transgender people often suffer from discrimination, homelessness, rejection, depression, and suicidal tendencies. Thus, a description of the problems that transgender people must face is relevant to essays on transgender as well.

To write informative essays on transgender, be sure to do your homework by gathering pertinent facts and information. Look for a good list of sources on the transgender topic to use as...
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