Training Is A Must

Topics: Failure, Success Pages: 4 (1091 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Resul Huyugüzel
ENG 101 – Sec. 96
Nazan Avcıbaşıoğlu


With the twenty-first century, people wonder what is the key of success because the population of world has reached 7 billion, therefore it is possible to see an increase competition among people, especially countries. As related with this some people think that successful people have talents and their talents come from genetic factors. However; unlike the opponents’ belief, it is possible to become a successful person with following strategies, motivators and styles.

One of the most logical ways of achieving success is determination strategies because following plan always helps people regularly and first step is learning from failure. All people make mistakes, this is very natural for human beings and failures seem to be lights in a dark tunnel. What I mean here is that we can find the right way by making mistakes; it is the main reason why we need to make mistakes and learn from failure. Another strategy of achieving success is training and hardworking. People start take education from born to death, it continues during life and thanks to training, people gain some abilities. It is possible to say that even if we have some talents at birth, we should support and shape our talents with education. To give an example of this, there are many cast agencies all over the world and these agencies intend to catch the people who have limited acting abilities and make them a star by training them. If these agencies did not service, we would not know Hollywood stars such as Will Smith; “I met with a director when I was teenage and he sent me to his agency. At first, I could not accustom but today, I owe to him because I had an Oscar” (Smith, 2009). It is clear from this statement and this example that basic talents can become amazing qualities with training. In brief, people should be aware of the importance of training and hardworking to achieve success....
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