Tragedy of the Commons

Topics: World population, Demography, Population growth Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: January 15, 2012
Critique Paper- Tragedy of the Commons In G. Hardin’s (1968) article, “Tragedy of the Commons”, he discussed the problem that exists because of man’s attempt to exploit the earth through rapid population expansion, and how he only harm himself since almost everyone adopts the same strategy. He also emphasized that the tragedy brought about by overpopulation seemed to have no technical solution, and its solution seemed to lie only upon the conscience of man, since it is he who decides upon his own fertility. He also discussed the similar problem of pollution, and implicitly elaborated how externalities arise due to the ill-defined property rights. He also commented on the effects of conscience to future circumstances, on how social arrangements construct coercion upon the mind of whom rules are applied to, and concluded the article by stating that commons could not persist as a social arrangement in situation of overpopulation. I agree to most of the arguments Hardin presented on the article. He was able to establish a good line of reasoning which encompasses problems and suggestions from which solutions to the problem of overpopulation could be derived. Here, I will focus on the aspect of necessary social arrangements so that the problem of commons could be solved. Take the Philippines as an example. In so far birth control and reproductive health bills are concerned, not much progress has been achieved because of several factors affecting the environment of the bill. Many institutions, such as the Churh, has a big influence upon the path which will be taken by the people. We cannot say that the nation will move as one in this debate, since everyone has different opinion on the value of natural resources, environment, health, life and so many other things involved in the milieu of a birth control or reproductive health bill. The legislators themselves have conflicting opinions toward such a bill, which on the very first place makes it hard for them to settle on a...
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