Traditional family

Topics: Family, Marriage, Divorce Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: February 24, 2014
In today’s society living in a traditional family that consists of a husband, his wife, at least one child and maybe a pet is not seen anymore. The divorce rate is increasing dramatically, while the marriage rate is lower than ever before. In my opinion, traditional family structures are more beneficial than any other lifestyle because I think it is important, not only for children, but also for other family members to live in a stable, harmonious household.

A very important advantage of marriage is that children can be raised better by their parents if they are married. Another advantage of marriage is that both partners feel more secure than singles. There is always someone by your side that loves you and supports you in whatever you do. By living in a well-functioning marriage, you can be a good role model for your children and show them that this kind of lifestyle is the best one you can choose.

Some people might argue that there are also disadvantages of being married, compared to cohabitating. Getting married means that you share everything with your partner, all your property is also the property of your wife/husband. You cannot keep all your money to yourself because you have to care for your family. However, I think that the advantages of a marriage outweigh the disadvantages.

An alarming trend nowadays is the continually increasing divorce rate. More and more people break up and want to live alone and enjoy their independence, even if their children are suffering from that. Many children are forced to live only with one parent. In most cases, children have difficulties accepting the fact that their parents live apart. Of course, divorce can also be a liberation and is inevitable if a woman gets abused by her husband. Sometimes there is no other solution except for divorce.

To sum up, I can say that traditional family is the most advantageous lifestyle because you can lead an organized, well-structured life. From my point of view it is...
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