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A Traditional Chinese Wedding
In every culture, weddings are important. China is a very large country with 56 nationalities. Different nationalities have different marriage customs, but whatever the nationality is, the wedding ceremony is usually very complicated. Chinese traditional weddings usually have 6 steps for people to complete.

First step is making an offer of marriage. If a man likes a woman, he should go to the woman’s home to ask her parents to agree with them to become couple. If her parents say no, then they can’t become a couple.

Second step is after proposal. The man’s family needs to ask the name of that woman. The Matchmaker also must ask the woman what her birthday is. When the matchmaker finishes those obligations, the man’s family will go to prepare the wedding ceremony.

Third step is the man’s family will use that woman’s name and man’s name to divine. Then they will tell the women’s family about this divination. This is the main part of the proposal. The man’s side will send a ring, jewelries, colored silk and sheep or pig etc. to the girl’s home. This part is called pact.

Next is after the pact. The man’s side will send betrothal presents to the woman’s home. This is the married phase of the customs. This is finishing on levy. It also called employer, or respond hire. Later, the ceremony also adopts the practice of return, the dowry part or the whole of food in return.

Afterwards, the man’s side goes to choose the wedding date. The matchmaker will replace man and the woman’s home to consult the wedding date. When the woman’s parents agree that, the man will send rite candle and (gun) salute to the woman’s home. Then the woman’s parents will send cakes to kinsman and friends, tell them when their daughter’s wedding start.

The bride’s parents and groom’s parents will go to cloth shops choose wedding dress. Some families will ask a tailor to make a couple red clothes for the bride and groom, which serve as a wedding...
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