Tradeaway.Com, Barterquest.Com, and U-Exchange.Com

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1.Examine how bartering is conducted online at , , and compare and contrast the functionalities and ease of use of these sites.

TradeAway wants to offer you a fun and exciting way to buy, sell, or trade your personal property, cars, boats, horses, real estate, toys, and more. TradeAway is made up of creative people like you who are waiting for creative offers.

TradeAway is a People-to-People e-commerce site. TradeAway will give People the opportunity, in a barter auction format, to get value out of their unused merchandise or services with, or without the use of cash, utilizing the Internet as a medium to trade, barters, sell, or find their merchandise, Services, real estate and other assets of all values. Most people and Businesses have something of value that they are not utilizing that they would Trade for something else they need. TradeAway will use its technology to enable buyers and sellers an efficient and fun means to interact with each other, exchange goods and do so using a non-cash auction format.

TradeAway TradeCredits can be used to purchase other items, services and real estate on TradeAway from users that have agreed to sell all or a portion of their listing with TradeCredits. TradeCredits can be spent immediately or held for future use to buy items, services or real estate from other TradeAway users that may be willing to accept TradeCredits. You may also make offers to any TradeAway user referring them to this page. These users may or may not agree to the sale of their item for TradeCredits.

TradeAway brings people together to trade in a way that is simple, non-intimidating, convenient, comfortable, inexpensive, and effective.


oThey offer a unique and versatile service that is inexpensive, flexible and supported by a VERY passionate team of local staff.

oThey don’t handle your transaction MONEY at all; this is entirely in your hands, enabling much more contact with sellers and buyers

oThey offer reserve prices with ALL auctions to protect the minimum price the seller is willing to part with the item for.

oThey offer a comprehensive listing management tool that is super simple, including a super fast re-listing function that's FREE

oThey offer Auctions, Reverse Auctions, Fixed Price/Classifieds; they have searched high and low and think we are the only site currently offering these three options.

oThey are offering a very simple site, we are very customer focused and will do our best to add or delete functions that YOU like or don't like.

oBusiness is much easier with TradeCredits. They are safer to use than the transfer of cash because no transfers are made from your account until you authorize the debit. With TradeCredits, no trade takes place until both parties are registered TradeCredits users and each has agreed that the transaction is satisfactory.

In Contrast, Because they do not act as an agent for either the seller or the buyer and do not participate in any sale or other transaction between the seller and the buyer, you are entirely on your own risk and be held responsible if anything goes wrong.

Probably the main contrast of Tradeaway is that It is made by Australians and is only intended mainly for Western Australia so both the sellers and buyer must be located in Western Australia.

BarterQuest is nothing more and nothing less than a trading platform for the individual consumer. It makes for trading in all types of goods, services and even real estate.

The main navigation menu includes these categories, and a search that can be refined as much as you want is executable anytime you desire from the main page.

The system works by instantly matching “HAVES” and “WANTS” and letting the users see if there is an agreement that they can reach, and trade what they want for what they already posses.


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