Tracking & Measuring Crime

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In Chapter 3 of our text we learn how about the different tools to track crime, criminal behaviors, measure crime, and crime rate.  Discuss and define the different types of measuring tools used such as the UCR, National Incident-based reporting, victim surveys, and self-reported survey. Discuss both the positives and negative of each of the methods used to measure crime. Then respond to at least two peer posts.  1. Discuss and define the different types of measuring tools used such as the UCR. The Uniformed Crime Report; (UCR): This is a report used by the Federal Bureau of Investigations; this report aids the FBI by giving them an indication as to criminal activities her in the United States. The FBI collects its data of information from all the Law Enforcement Agencies here in the USA. Upon receiving all the current activity throughout the USA, the FBI is able to generate with almost complete accuracy as to the type of crime, as well as what, when, where, and why a type of incident may occur. The (UCR) is based on three parts. (a) The accurate number of people arrested.

(b) The number of Crimes reported by Victims, witnesses, or the police themselves. (c) The number of Law Enforcement Officers.
Upon the FBI receiving all the required data, the data is then compiles the information and it is then presented in two important ways: 1a.I have read that in according to our learning material, class book. (“Criminal Justice in Action”). By, Larry K. Gaines, & Roger Leroy Miller if you look back at the year 2010, it was composed of people totaling 100,000 individual, the Crime rate was reported to be 3,346 reports over all in the United States. These reports were considered Part I class offences, as these types of criminal activity are the more serious type crimes one can commit, as they range from Murder, Bank Robbery, Forcible Rape, Aggravated Battery, Robbery, B&E, Larceny / Theft, Auto Theft, and even Arson (Fire) not naturally caused, caused by mankind. 1b.Now there is also Part II Offenses which consist of all other criminal activity from Loitering all the way to Vagrancy and any other laws that go against one State, County, or Municipal City level. These types of crimes happen often and because of their commonality with every day Society the percentage usually will usually out way Part I Criminal Offenses. 1C.I truly believe that this system was a great way to pinpoint criminal activity for this period of time, when first placed into effect this was an exceptional system for the Law Enforcement Agencies to be able to apply common sense criminal activity, whereas a prediction of what type of crime may occur. Now one must realize that this tool was only effective as the Officers who filed reports willingly and timely, as crime rate would rise reporting would dwindle. This could be due to pride, as each agency and the officer that belonged to its organization. The many Local Law Enforcement Agencies frowned upon the interference of the FBI creating errors in the actual percentage of active crime in any given period of time. This was not an error in the Tool reporting, but Human error over jealousy between Local, State, and County Law Officials against Federal direction involvement 2. Discuss and define the National Incident-Based Reporting System. The (NIBRS) has come into play because the (UCR) was with flaw. The FBI and several State Law Enforcement agencies are currently operating under the National Incident Based Reporting System as it was introduced since the 1980’s. The (NIBRS) was found to be a more productive way in pinpointing Criminal Activity. It was required that each Local Law Enforcement Agency were to call in all Criminal Activity within twenty-two different offences categories. The (NIBRS) is made up of forty-six specific crimes classified as Group Offenses, all these offenses are recorded on a computerized record system on a daily basis which is provided though not fully...
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