Tourism Development Plan the 2020 Vision for Tourism

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The 2020 Vision for Tourism

Working Smarter Towards a Sustainable Future

October 2005


Executive Summary Introduction The Value of Tourism The Challenges for Tourism The 2020 Vision Strategic Hierarchy TDP Framework Key Customer Groups Destination Management Bedrock for Development J Skills and Training J Quality of the Natural and Built Environment J Transport Infrastructure Sector Specific Issues J Commercial Accommodation J Tourist Attractions J Eating Out J Arts and Entertainment J Festivals and Events J Outdoor Activities J Retail Green Tourism Plan Destination Marketing J Building a Compelling Brand J Improving level of Public/Private Sector Marketing Spend J Using Technology J Optimising Yield and Seasonality Working Smarter J Who are the Key Players ? J The Role of IW Tourist Board J Encouraging and Enabling New Development J Monitoring and Evaluation Appendices Contact

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The impact of tourism on the Isle of Wight is extensive. The island’s economic, environmental and social well being is fundamentally influenced by the way in which the tourism industry operates. Tourism is worth over half a billion pounds to the islands economy. It currently generates £360 million of direct tourist expenditure, £25 million from visiting yachts and a further £150 million through the multiplier effect on suppliers and income induced spending. It also supports over 20% of jobs on the island. It is an industry with the capability to have long term sustainable growth and the value to the island by 2020 could increase by over 40% if it responds to the changing markets and customer needs. However, the future of tourism presents a number of challenges. Projections show that, over the next twenty years, tourism worldwide will grow both in terms of visitor numbers and revenue generation. During this period, not only will the demand for quality and value for money increase but also the expectation of a memorable and safe experience will become a high priority. The island has made great strides in certain areas in recent years and has some major events firmly established in the international calendar that have helped to boost the Spring months particularly. It also has a very busy peak period in July and August. However, there is more to do to make tourism a truly sustainable industry that creates more wealth, better paid jobs and further enhances the quality of life. The TDP recognises that the island should be part of a global tourism market place and identifies the necessary key developments required. Vital in this process is a greater integration between destination marketing and destination management than ever before. The TDP identifies the key Customer Groups that the island should target to bring it the best economic, social and environmental benefits for the future. The ‘Bedrock’ of the tourism experience is a better skilled tourism industry and quality of the natural and built environment and transport infrastructure. Enhanced accommodation, high quality eating out and retail provision, expanded strategic festivals and cultural provision and increased development of outdoor and green activities will also be vital in creating a better tourism product.


The industry is dominated by a large number of small and medium sized businesses that have a limited ability to invest and, often, a lack of the necessary skills both within the ownership of the businesses and also the key employees. The TDP proposes a range of initiatives to support businesses operating in accommodation, attractions, catering and retail sectors that will improve the professionalism and viability at all levels. The whole plan will aim to build confidence in the private sector through providing an appropriate structure in which ongoing investment and profitability can be both facilitated...
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