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Tourism is an activity that is critical to the economic and social development. By World Tourism Organization (World Tourism Organization) has predicted that by the year 2563 will have a number of international tourists to 1,600 million of the estimated growth rate of tourism in developing countries. Expected to increase approximately 4 percent per year, particularly the industrialized countries have a rate increase of about 2.5 percent per year, the study found. Tourists with travel in most foreign tourists from Germany, Japan, USA and France, the countries with the number of tourists traveling to the country level, including China and Russia, and in 2563 this year. it is estimated that China will have the capability to accommodate the most number one instead of France as well as tourists travel behavior remotely proportional increase is about 24 percent, where to focus and concentrate. Community culture eco-tourism resources, including medical tourism even more. Tourism activities have focused on the importance to the tourists who are interested in more specific tourism activities. (Thailand Institute of Tourism Development, 2551).

East Asia and the Pacific is likely to be a popular attraction during the year 2533-2553 is expected to be the region's growth rate of 6.7 percent per year, especially in Asian countries. Southeast is a new source of tourism destinations. Which is likely to grow steadily. The country continues to be the target of interest to tourists to travel to the rest. The official tourism potential is outstanding. With safe and convenient access to the center in areas such as aviation hub. Asian health center and spa center, etc. (Thailand Institute of Tourism Development, 2551).

The tourism industry in Thailand need to seek new ways of adapting to cope with intensified competition both regionally and internationally. To meet the changing needs of the leisure traveler from the exposed or novelty. It has become more focused on the learning...
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