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Totto-Chan - a Little Girl Sitting by the Window

By tidin Feb 25, 2009 673 Words
I do not remember exactly how many times I have read the book "Totto-chan - a little girl sitting by the window". It is a diary of the author named Tetsuko Kuroyanagi who also has a lovely nickname Totto-chan. The word "diary" maybe not as exact as the one "memoirs" because she worte this book base on her memory since she was a child. I call her Totto-chan (it is much easier than reading her full name). Reading this book makes me admire her a lot although at that time she was only a little girl. If you read this book I bet you will be surprised a lot because of her thought and behaviour. How simple and mature (included immature) she is. Let have a read and see the way she treated everyone around her, the way she faced and reflected all the events in that period. Everything was described with the simple words like a story of a primary-girl, but they are very attractive and you can easily image the whole picture of Japan at that time. Totto-chan was an active and clever child. She could spend several hours to tell her favorite stories or to play anything she loved to. Totto-chan was expelled from her first primary school because she always made noise to be paid attention, she liked to do everything herself naturally (of course every teachers thought that was wrong and Totto-chan was out of rule). Totto-chan moved to the new primary one named Tomoe Gakuen where she met Mr. Kabayashi, an admirable headmaster. At that time, Mr. Kabayashi was said to be a model teacher because of his strange education method (of course he was going on the right way but not too many parents believed in his program so that Tomoe had only fifty pupils). He spent a lot of time to go to many countries all over the world to study and find the most suitable method to apply in his country, his school. He knew that teaching children in primary level was synonymous with showing them how to improve their good characteristics. At school Tomoe, all of the pupils were never offered doing something strictly. Mr. Kabayashi created the best condition for them to express themselves naturally. No subjects were forced, children completely could study whatever they want. The teachers' work was helping them when they need. Totto-chan and other pupils in Tomoe all loved the headmaster with a bald head. Totto-chan had the strong impression on Mr. Kobayashi because on the 1st day she moved to this school, he was the only one sitting in nearly 4 hours to hear all her unlogical stories - no alduts could be patient like that. School Tomoe Gakuen was built by the old railroad cars. If I were a child at the same time with Totto-chan, I would like to study in this special school. Looking at Tomoe, it realized everyone a train moving in the autumn sunshine, it satisfied the curiousness of the pupils and excited their creation. Totto-chan was a little girl, everything happened around her was realized with a simple mind. She always took care on everyone around her, from her family, her classmates, even her chickens, her dog Rocky by a simple way but moving. Each pupil in Tomoe had a tree to waitered, Totto-chan had one and she loved to climb on the tree and see so far away to image Osaka city. Yasuaki-chan was a disable children who was one of the Totto-chan's classmates. He was paralytic and could not move easily. Reading the part which described Totto-chan helped Yasuaki-chan to climb on her tree, to show him "Where was Osaka city?" was very touching (This book has only 60 short parts. And in part 56, Yasuaki-chan died because of his disease. In part 59, Totto-chan lost Rocky, a dog, a close friend of her. I hate these parts of looses >_

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