Topics: Torture, Human, Suffering Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Firstly, what exactly is torture? It can be defined as the act of inflicting excruciating pain, as a punishment or revenge, to try and acquire some sort of confession about some particular issue or some information; also could be just pure cruelty or hate for that particular individual (3). A method of making such pain, often suffering for that particular individual is extreme anguish of the body or the mind and agony. However, torture can happen in a few different methods Psychological and Physical some examples of psychological would be – blackmailing, shaming, shunning, sleep deprivation or a good common one is pharmacological torture; severe psychological distress is a result of this sort of torture after long periods of time. Some of the Physical torture techniques may be, beating, cutting or drowning (3). Even though torture turns out to save lives, we are still hurting people physically and mentally. Torturing should be banned not only in American, but also everywhere else. While torture itself is bad, due to the physical as well as psychological effects it has on people, the information consumed could be important to saving human life. On June 1979, Jean Leon along with an accomplice, kid-napped Louis Gachelin, a cab driver in Miami Florida, demanding a several thousand dollar ransom (6). Leon was captured by police officers but was not with Gachelin (6). Concerned that Gachelin would be murdered if it were known that Leon had been captured, the police officers made a radical decision. To find where the accomplice was holding Gachelin they beat the information out of him (6). The abuse sustained by Leon was twisting his arm behind his back as well as choking him until he revealed the location of Gachelin (6). Leon eventually succumbed to the torture and revealed the location. Gachelin life was arguably saved by torture. Through in this scenario torture was important in saving someone's life, it is often used in less humanitarian ways. From 1961...
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