Topic: Should adultery be considered a sin or a crime?

Topics: Marriage, Adultery, Death Penalty Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Topic: Should adultery be considered a sin or a crime? Should it be punished by law or not?

It is clear that adultery is a very bad thing in our society. It makes broken the domestic bliss and causes many social problems. Adultery is not only a sin but also a crime and it should be strictly punished by law. At first, adultery is sure of a sin, it offends the dignity of marriage which is unique, eternal and inseparable. In addition, adultery is also against the equal right between man and woman because it is always related to the illegal sexual intercourse that insults seriously human dignity. Besides, the happiness of families is ruined to pieces by adultery as adulterer or adulteress usually has a tendency to take care of their sexual partner more than their family and this is the main reason leading to many divorces in our modern society. On the other hand, adultery is also a crime because it infringes the law on marriage and family and in many religions such as Judaism and Muslim it is punished very hard adulteress can even be sentenced to death penalty by being stoned them to death. Finally, due to adultery’s critical consequences, it is should be sternly chastised by law to protect the marriage bliss. In conclusion, adultery is one of the major causes of divorce and broken marriage, it has to be condemned by the strict and clear law. Be faithful and loyal with your love and your spouse, you will taste the joys of connubial bliss.
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