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Title: (William) Tim(othy) O'Brien Known As: O'Brien, William Timothy; O'Brien, Tim (American writer) American Writer ( 1946 - ) Author(s): Thomas Myers (Saint Norbert College) Source: American Novelists Since World War II: Fourth Series. Ed. James R. Giles and Wanda H. Giles. Dictionary of Literary Biography Vol. 152. Detroit: Gale Research, 1995. From Literature Resource Center. Document Type: Biography, Critical essay

Full Text: COPYRIGHT 1995 Gale Research, COPYRIGHT 2007 Gale, Cengage Learning Table of Contents:Biographical and Critical EssayIf I Die in a Combat ZoneNorthern LightsGoing After CacciatoThe Nuclear AgeThe Things They Carried"Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong"In the Lake of the WoodsWritings by the AuthorFurther Readings about the Author WORKS:

If I Die in a Combat Zone, Box Me Up and Ship Me Home (New York: Delacorte/Seymour Lawrence, 1973; London: Calder & Boyars, 1973; revised edition, New York: Delacorte/Seymour Lawrence, 1979). Northern Lights (New York: Delacorte/Seymour Lawrence, 1975; London: Calder & Boyars, 1976). Going After Cacciato (New York: Delacorte/Seymour Lawrence, 1978; London: Cape, 1978). The Nuclear Age (New York: Knopf, 1985; London: Collins, 1986). The Things They Carried (Boston: Houghton Mifflin/ Seymour Lawrence, 1990; London: Collins, 1990). In the Lake of the Woods (Boston: Houghton Mifflin/ Seymour Lawrence, 1994; London: Flamengo, 1995).

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"Field Trip," McCall's, 117 (August 1990): 78-79. "The People We Marry," Atlantic, 269 (January 1992): 90-98. "Loon Point," Esquire, 119 (January 1993): 90-94. BIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY: Tim O'Brien, a contemporary American novelist and short-story writer of immense imaginative power and range, freely admits that the Vietnam War was the dark, jarring experience that made him a writer. In a 1993 interview (unpublished) he described the war as the "Lone Ranger watershed event of my life," and the time before his induction into the United States Army as "a horrid, confused, traumatic period -- the trauma of trying to decide whether or not to go to Canada." O'Brien went to Vietnam and served there in the Fifth Battalion, Forty-Sixth Infantry -- the U.S. Army's Americal Division -- from January 1969 to March 1970, patrolling the deadly Batangan Peninsula and the tragic villages of My Lai after the massacre there in March 1968. Unlike many of his peers, O'Brien returned to America sound of mind and body if not of spirit. He wrote of his war experience in a spare, poetically allusive, and classically toned personal memoir, If I Die in a Combat Zone (1973). His subsequent stories and novels, including the National Book Award--winning Going After Cacciato (1978), have all featured the Vietnam War as either a real or a ghostly presence. O'Brien examines the wrenching transformation of sense and sensibility in fictions that are evocative, challenging meetings of imagination and memory, of the created and the re-created, of the impossible and the possible. Critics have often placed O'Brien within the somewhat limited...

Bibliography: 50 (September 1993): 223-229. Milton J. Bates, "Tim O 'Brien 's Myth of Courage," Modern Fiction Studies, 33 (Summer 1987): 263279. Philip D. Beidler, American Literature and the Experience of Vietnam (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1982).
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Beidler, Re-Writing America: Vietnam Authors in Their Generation (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1991)
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