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Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Mass media Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: April 29, 2013
The media affects people of all ages, gender, and stereotypes. There are so many ways that today’s media can influence people. Whether its advertisements on the internet, billboards along the highway, magazines in stores, television, newspapers, or even posters. The media is everywhere and it’s impossible to avoid. In my opinion, the internet is the farthest reaching for of the social media outlets. I believe this because the internet gives every single person the freedom the search anything they want. The main purpose of the media is to gain someone’s attention to whatever the media is trying to sell. Popular groups that are the most affected are women, children, teen’s especially teen mothers, and athletes. Children are the most effected in my opinion. Young teens and children (me included) will nag their parents to purchase goods and services seen in ads. In this day and age, cellphones are the most profound. The latest gadgets are a must have for young adults. Apple seems to be the largest advertiser of new must have gadgets. Speaking of young adults and children, reality television is a very popular form of media that some should not be exposed to. Being that it promotes vulgar language, drinking and drug use and abuse, and sex, reality television shows have a deep impact on today’s culture.

Another large way that the media and pop culture affect society is sports. Sports have grown a lot in the past years because of the expansion of the media. There are so many types of fantasy sport that you can join. Don’t forget that these fantasy websites have advertisements on basically every square inch. Many sports championships are shown on many different television programs and can be seen on the internet as well. ESPN seems to me to be the biggest advertiser of sports. A person can see sports on many different technological devices all at the same time. Sports have become something that people can steam online or watch their favorite...
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