Today: Mind and Carefree Life

Topics: Mind, Thought, Future Pages: 2 (345 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Enjoy today for tomorrow may never come…

1st- tomorrow may never come
2nd- to lead a carefree life
3rd- nonchalant attitudes guarantees to have no future

Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. We should enjoy each and every single day of our lives because we might never know what will happen tomorrow. However, the definition of enjoyment here is different for each individual and too much of an enjoyment may lead to ruefulness in the later life.

Everyday we are fighting against germs, diseases, injuries and calamities that may cause deaths, the fact that we are still living now is a miracle itself. We should cherish every single day that we live and to enjoy is one of the ways to treasure it. The future cannot be predicted, nobody knows if we might even wake up tomorrow. Death hunts us in every single day of our lives yet we still manage to survive. For instance, natural disasters, illnesses and accidents can never be prevented and therefore we need to enjoy life while we can.

Likewise, enjoying today means that we do not need to care about tomorrow. Living a carefree life is what most people are seeking for, but the thought of worrying for tomorrow prevented them from achieving this. Thus if we are putting in mind that tomorrow may never come, we can be more relaxed, without the anxiety to think what might ever happen to us if we took the wrong step.

However, nonchalant attitudes may be regretted soon after. Being ignorant of one’s action will result to unwanted outcomes in the future. For instance, spending all the money thinking that the world will end tomorrow will result to being left without anything when the world actually did not end. Furthermore, when one does not think of the future, he will find himself leading to a no meaningful life because there is no dream to be pursued.

In conclusion, we can enjoy life but at the same time, we must also think of our future.
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